1. Signed up with Nook here: nookdeveloper.barnesandnoble.com

2. Installed the SDK following the instructions here

3. After that I downloaded the quick start guide and honestly, I followed everything. It is properly easy to follow with screenshots so I had no problem there.
Quick start guide

4. I set up the AVD Device and the happy Nook Color Tablet appeared!

5. I went to my apps properties and removed the Google API, similar to the process for Amazon and Blackberry apps. Set my api to Android 2.2 API 8. That is required for the nook.
I did a quick run to see how the app would like and all was perfect, EXCEPT.. for the header image.

6. I dug around to see if I could find the solution, and it was in the /res/layout/act_home.xml file.
I changed the required header width from 320 to 600, which is the device size. This fix is ok for me because my images is a letter and it appears stretch so not a biggie.

buzztouch nook app
7. Some errors did appear after that and so I right clicked my app folder, selected
Android tools > Fix Project Properties.

8. Clicked clean and run.

9. All was set!! I exported the project and went back to the act_home.xml file to revert it back to 320.

10. Now hopefully approval!!